Produced by Echelon Design, and distributed widely across social media, 12 for 12® is an award-winning original docuseries that explores cool companies and what makes them unique, successful and compelling. It’s about the people, products and processes that have built successful brands, and how these brands add to the unique flavor of their hometown.

Hosted by Echelon’s Adam Voss and directed by Chuck Przybyl of Most Visual, each episode is 12 minutes in length and each season is 12 episodes. The first season of 12 for 12 focuses on Chicago companies, capturing the stories of: FEW Spirits, Artpentry, Threadless, Reckless Records, Cards Against Humanity, Green Mill Cocktail Lounge, Stern Pinball Inc., Intelligentsia Coffee, The Second City, Vosges Haut-Chocolat, 16” On Center and Goose Island Brewing Company.

Growing from the success of the first season, Season Two is all about Atlanta brands. The South’s largest city, Atlanta continues to thrive; according to the Brookings Institute, between 2013 and 2015 the population of metro Atlanta grew by more than 255,000 people. A recent prediction by the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) forecasts Atlanta’s population will add another 2.5 million people between now and 2040.

Never one to be late to the race, Echelon Design just opened an office in Atlanta. Following suit, Season Two of 12 for 12 launched May 2017, and will feature iconic Atlanta brands, such as [adult swim], Waffle House, Yacht Rock Review, King of Pops and many more… Stay tuned!


From its humble beginnings as a branding podcast, 12 for 12 has been under the guiding eye of the media mavens at Echelon Design. Echelon’s obsessive work in media, exhibits, and event marketing is all about telling great stories. The brands featured in 12 for 12 have been an exciting exploration of that and a great chance for Echelon to flex its content marketing muscles.

A team passionate about innovation, creativity, and the just-plain-cool, Echelon’s focus and experience have been invaluable in bringing 12 for 12 to life.

As Echelon’s footprint has expanded to Atlanta, it’s been truly exciting to carry 12 for 12 there as well. Like Chicago, Atlanta is a city of bold vision and tireless drive that make it an ideal fit for the people of Echelon Design. Here’s to Season Two and everything beyond.


Adam Voss is a marketing consultant, professional emcee, and the host of 12 for 12. And he isn’t exaggerating when he calls himself a “marketing geek.” After a lengthy career specializing in integrated marketing, event hosting, video production, and all things brand storytelling, Adam has found Nirvana hunting for cool companies on 12 for 12. While firmly rooted in writing, producing and hosting the show, Adam’s true passion is uncovering the art of brilliant brands and talking with the amazing men and women who risk everything, everyday, to pursue their dreams. When he’s not hunting for cool brands, Adam resides in Palm Springs, California, with his wife and two children.


Echelon knew it would be a tall order bringing a visual component to 12 for 12. Leaving the podcast format for a web series would have been nearly impossible if not for the aesthetic and expertise of the media-makers at Most Visual. With a firm grounding in both documentary-style programming and experiential video installation, Most Visual expertly blended the narrative style needed with beautiful shots, editing, and color. Living up to their name, Director of Photography Chuck Przybyl and Creative Director Edyta Stepien kept our visuals doing the most episode after episode. We’re so excited to witness the artistry they bring to Season Two and to see what Chuck’s beard does in the Atlanta humidity.

12 for 12 Artist Shop

Whether you need a cozy hoodie in Chicago, a fresh tee in Atlanta, or a fashionable tote anywhere in between 12 for 12 has got you. Our Threadless Artist Shop features custom designs from each episode. They’re a wonderful way to represent your city or share your love of 12 for 12.


Baker’s Dozen Extra: The Music of Adult Swim

One thing you may not know about [adult swim] is that they are as passionate about music as they are about animation. Free compilations and singles have been an important part of their brand from the start, deepening the connection with their audience and the artists they work with.

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One of our favorite stories from chatting with the creators of [adult swim]; witness the harmonious blend of artistic freedom and consumer loyalty in this epic episode of “Space Ghost Coast to Coast.”

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