Between the city’s passion and tireless hospitality, there could be no other home for our second chapter…


Baker’s Dozen Extra: The Music of Adult Swim

One thing you may not know about [adult swim] is that they are as passionate about music as they are about animation. Free compilations and singles have been an important part of their brand from the start, deepening the connection with their audience and the artists they work with.

Baker’s Dozen Extra: Fire Ant

One of our favorite stories from chatting with the creators of [adult swim]; witness the harmonious blend of artistic freedom and consumer loyalty in this epic episode of “Space Ghost Coast to Coast.”

Baker’s Dozen Extra: Goose Island

We’re all about collaborations, particularly those that involve very cool–albeit very different–parties. This latest Baker’s Dozen Extra looks at a Goose Island and Run the Jewels partnership to create a very special brew. We think you’ll enjoy.

ATL Boomtown

More than 5.7 million people call the 5-county metro area home, making Atlanta the 9th largest US city. It’s the fourth-fastest growing metro area in the country and is expected to add another 2 million residents by 2046.



No one in Atlanta actually calls it “Hotlanta.” Instead, locals refer to the South’s largest city as simply “the ATL.”


There are two types of people who live in Atlanta: those who live ITP (inside the perimeter) and those who live OTP (outside the perimeter). And for many, identifying as an ITP-er or an OTP-er says worlds about your lifestyle.


If you come to Atlanta, you must #RiseUp in support of hometown NFL favorite, the Falcons. The Super Bowl contenders (yes, it’s still too soon) move to Mercedes Benz stadium for the 2018 season where they will host Super Bowl LII in February 2019.


SunTrust Park, new home of the Atlanta Braves, is the perfect marriage of classic ballpark feel, modern amenities and Southern hospitality, creating a fan experience unlike any other. An intimate setting of the park’s 41,000 seats was designed to maximize sightlines, making each seat feel like the “best in the house.”